Extend Opportunities

You might have a pretty clear of your dream job. Perhaps the city you wish to be in, and the type of activities you wish to do.

All this is great. But the sooner you can start to replace some of your hated work with things you like, the happier you will be. Small steps will come sooner, and they can usually free up your time and be leveraged towards greater ones.

Make a list of all the ways you could make money from the things you enjoy doing, in Step 1.

Others will likely see things you can’t – ask friends and family to help you.

Don’t think too critically at this point, and don’t be limited to what is possible. We want “blue sky” thinking, to give us the biggest possible list.


  • Don’t mistake the area for the activity. Eg. you might enjoy drawing cartoons, and so think working as a receptionist in a cartoonist agency would be a good fit. However, the reality of your day will be answering telephones and dealing with administrivia. Perhaps a better fit is working on chalkboards, where you get to apply your skills and passions more directly.

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