Costing Your Ideal Life

Tim Ferriss – author of the Four Hour Work Week – has a strange writing style it is true, he manages to prick your suspicions with his glowing, problem-free solutions to life’s biggest problems. But his logic is nearly always perfect, and his ideas are inspirational. In this post he talks about how close you might already be to your ideal lifestyle – all you need is to cost it, and see how much it is. It is unlikely to be too far from your current situation.

From my own experience, I’ve also found this to be true. Traveling in Europe – seeing the best sights in the world, eating in great restaurants, and traveling from country to country on a whim, I always marvel how I’m spending the same or less than just being at home working. The devil truly is in the details.

Have you read this article? What did you think, too good to be true?

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