Limit Your Costs

Having enough money from your passion can be a scary thought, until you realize that it is a finite number.

The simplest way to find out how much money you need is to look at your bank statements. Find out how much goes out in a 12 month period, and divide by 12 to get an average.

Now look at where you can make cuts. Can you reduce your rent? Can you change your mode of transport? How about eating out less? The lower you can make your, the sooner you can start living your dream full time. Reducing your expenses is an important part of the process many people think they can do without.

The sooner you can begin your passion full time, however, the more time you can spend making your work great, making it easier – a virtuous circle.

You may even wish to apply for grants, study scholarships, house-sit, borrow money, or live with a kind relative for a few months, to bring this number close to zero, and rocket charging your success.

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