Pay Yourself First

You should now have:

• An idea of the things you most enjoy doing (perhaps prioritized)

• An idea of how little money you really need, to do your passion full time

• A large list of more enjoyable ways to possibly make money than you do now


The last item on this list is a tricky one. You might have some of these questions:

• How will I know which will work best?

• Which will I enjoy more?

• When should I work on these, and in which priority order?


Set up some of these principles to answer these questions.

  • MVP – test quickly. Record results (where?)
  • Prioritize – the thing from Tetris. #1 income gets priority… down to your last job. Passive ones, etc. Schedules per day – what percentage for where?
  • Color code your week – work on A, B, C in X amounts
  • Color code your emails
  • Rank them
  • Learn to say yes to A’s, “maybe” to Bs, and “No”, or raise your rates, to Cs (unless you really have to)
  • One thing – no matter how small – per day on your dream activity. It’s important for this to be a habit

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