Second eBook Excerpt – Ver. 1.1

– Excerpt Begins —


4. Keeping Records




The important part of this will be sensible, incremental progress, balance, and being open and holding on strongly to your new priorities. But what will help as much as all of these, and reduce stress, is good bookkeeping.


Keeping good records will not only make you make wise choices, it will be a visible “net” underneath you, reducing any stress. If you know you have a small net – still with holes – you can take cautious steps. If you know you have a sturdy net (say, over half your income), you can afford to be bolder. Good bookkeeping lets you be in control of your risk, taking on just the amount of stress you feel you can afford or even enjoy.


How you keep your records is up to you. I like a seprate monthly calendar, on a pinboard above my desk, with my target amount, divided into achievable increments. I use colored pens to quickly identify if my activities are As, Bs, or Cs.


As income results and payments are often delayed by a month, I note my past month’s income into my current month, meaning I am always working for my future self.




You might prefer desktop or online software such as Google™ Spreadsheets or Excel™, a special notebook, or specialist accounting software.

5. What Happens When You Reach Your Target Goal?




You may ask what happens when you have reached, if not an ideal place, at least a new array of activitiesm – that you enjoy slightly more than your past employment.


The secret of this approach is that it is never really over. In this it is like life – it is an illusion that we ever reach a point that is completely free of desires, requirements, and obligation.


The center of a Middle Way approach is one of gradual improvement. You should always be revising and brainstorming your opportunities in Section 3. After all, you should quite enjoy your new roles, and this list should be full of things which are more enjoyable and suited to you than your current situation.


You may also wish to revise your target amount in Section 2, now that you are enjoying your work more, and have more time to put into your chosen endeavours. You have certainly deserved it at this point!


Simply being able to remove three activities for one, simpler one may be more appealing to you, or you may find a greater opportunity requires you to give a reluctant “no” to previously welcome things. Do not be afraid to backtrack if it benefits you. And never be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.

A Few More Samurai Tricks


(Insert bit about bending the stream where you want to go, via just a few rocks. Eg. advertising, changing who you hang out with in a networking sense, what you read, and if you are self employed, how much you charge (more or less what the market will pay). All of these encourage. In effect you are using the energy of your current position against itself, and flipping it over into the direction you want it to go. When you are in your new area you can gradually raise your prices again.


If you have followed these steps, you should not only have a path, but a means of relaxing and de-stressing as you follow it.

7. Getting Used To Being Where You Were Meant to Be


Congratulations, you should be in a much happier type of employment, and your weeks will be their own reward. Hopefully there were some approaches that made the process easier.


More important than any technique, however, is the idea that you are not waiting for an ideal opportunity to begin your dream life. You have divided the elephant into bite sized chunks, which is smart, and you have taken the first step, which is still courageous. I hope your happiness and zen approach is an encouragement to others.


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